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新加坡金沙娱乐中心:5G the first key standard was born six investment opportunities Nuggets

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内容摘要: December 21 news, Lisbon local time 18:41 (Beijing time at 2:41 on December 21), the RAN 78th plenary session deputies in the fifth generat...

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December 21 news, Lisbon local time 18:41 (Beijing time at 2:41 on December 21), the RAN 78th plenary session deputies in the fifth generation of mobile communications technology "5G NR 'first produced and officially released freeze . The first release is a basic feature pack for 5G air interface technology. It is applied to a scenario that only supports dual connectivity and non-independent deployment based on LTE. Its freezing and releasing is another important milestone in 5G standardization. Among them, China Mobile as the only speaker and editor of the agreement, leaders completed 5G air interface scenarios and requirements research project, the output air interface technology 5G programmatic document 3GPP TR 38.913.

5G first edition is divided into non-independent networking standard (NSA : Non-Stand Alone) and independent network (SA: Stand Alone) two programs. Non-independent networking as a transitional program to enhance the hot spot area as the main goal of bandwidth, relying on 4G base stations and 4G core network work. Independent networking to achieve all the new features of 5G, 5G is conducive to the full ability to play, is the industry's 5G target program.

According to the 3GPP advancing schedule, the 5G Independent Networking (SA) standard will freeze the functional part in June 2018 and freeze the overall standard in the third quarter, when the first version of the 5G global standard will officially determine.

According Qualcomm report predicts that by 2035 5G will generate $ 12.3 trillion in global economic output is expected from between 2020 and 2035, 5G GDP contribution to global growth will be equivalent to the Indian economy and the same size. (Source: Daily News)

5G NR starting to freeze and release the official version of the six agencies promising investment opportunities

Wu super CSC Securities analyst communications chief believes that, in accordance with the progress of the current global operators, 5G Contribution to the major achievements of the communications industry chain in 2019-2023. However, Wu Chao predicts that the size of the 5G main investment of China's operators (mainly including the related capital expenditures during the planning and construction phases) will reach 1.23 trillion yuan, an increase of 68% over the 4G investment. Among them, the largest investment in wireless host equipment reached 600 billion yuan, accounting for 48.89%, compared with the 4G wireless equipment investment increased 127%, followed by the transmission of major equipment investment scale up to 280 billion yuan, accounting for 22.82% over 4G Investment in transmission equipment increased 44%.

In addition, small base stations, AAU-base station RF components, optical modules, wireless equipment and AAU-base station antennas show a larger increase from an elastic point of view. However, the small base station will mainly be based on the construction of high-frequency bands, the commercial time is slightly later, and the radio frequency components and base station antenna elements may be integrated, so there is still uncertainty. Wuchao points out the six major investment directions, one is the main communication equipment patents, the pattern is good, the operator procurement around however, 5G benefit certainty high; Second, the optical module will obviously benefit from the development of 5G, 25G into the standard, Ultra-100G will be deployed; Third, the optical fiber and cable industry continues to boom, short-term China 4G / optical bandwidth, long-term global optical bandwidth / 5G; Fourth, AAU will be highly integrated base station antennas and radio frequency devices, the new market is expected to appear; Convergence trend, SDN / NFV will become the next generation of mobile communication network important technology; 6 is 5G will drive three application scenarios, namely, to enhance mobile broadband, mass machine type connection and low latency high reliability communication. (Source: Securities Times Online)

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"all things Internet" era is coming 5G technology to rewrite you my life

giants are already in full swing layout 5G, China Mobile has announced 5G test plans, 2017 In the year, 4 to 5 cities will be selected, with about 7 sites in each city. In 2020, it will be commercialized and more than 10,000 5G base stations will be built. China Unicom Capacity and performance testing is scheduled to be conducted in 6 cities from 2017 to 2019, with approximately 1,000 stations to be built by 2020. However, China Telecom said it has opened 5G pilot projects in six cities and regions including Xiong'an, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu and Lanzhou. In terms of output scale, direct and indirect output driven by 5G in 2030 will reach 6.3 trillion yuan and 10.6 trillion yuan respectively, creating more than 8 million jobs.

2018, 5G life worth the wait. Industry is expected to 5G directly change the industry will be in the car networking, industrial manufacturing, medical industry , energy and other fields, and these applications will also change the life. (Source: Yangcheng Evening News)

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Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2017-12-20





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